Coffee beans are erroneously categorized as a bean. Their physical appearance is the only resemblance they have to true beans. They are actually the seed of a coffee plant. The coffee plant is a member of the plant family Rubiaceae. Caffeine is found within the coffee bean and the intended use of this is part of the plant’s natural defense system against herbivores. As with tea in many parts of the world, there are a number of Western nations who have fallen in love with coffee and some may even say addicted. Truth be told, there are much worse things to develop habits for. Coffee culture has certainly become a part of many individuals day-to-day.

Interesting Coffee Facts:

  • 45% of the world’s total exported coffee comes from South American (most in Brazil)
  • The first known cultivation of coffee occurred in India in the 1600’s
  • Americans consume about 400 million cups of a coffee a day
  • The first roasted beans sold retail in Pittsburgh in 1865
  • About 75% of coffee produced worldwide is the Arabica variety