June: Summer is Here

Ray B. News & Updates

Summer Solstice has arrived, and the season is truly here in the US. We can definitely say we are thrilled, and we hope you nature enthusiasts are too! In this month’s newsletter, we’ve highlighted some of our fresh content on the site. We’ve also got some musings from around the web for you, hopefully something you haven’t seen yet and …

May 2018 News and Updates

May: Full Bloom

EK Team News & Updates

After a brief News & Updates hiatus in April, we are back with fresh content, new concepts, and a lot of fun reads. Check out the latest from EcoKarma, our Blogs: EcoBalance and Ray’s Footprint, and from our friends around the web! If you want to be first to hear what’s going on, plus gain access to coupons and deals …

Spring Adventures

Spring Adventures: Hiking and Gardening

Ray B. Ray's Footprint

With the change of season, comes a change of hobby for yours truly. Being in the PNW, there is no shortage of trails and parks to explore. Oregon’s extensive network of County, State, and National parks are well maintained and enjoyable. In all of the years I’ve been camping and hiking I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available just …

Eco Friendly Wedding

How I Planned an Eco Friendly Wedding

Kaileigh Eco Balance

Weddings are such fun celebrations of love, family, and friends. While there are many approaches to planning a wedding, for my husband and I, we wanted to throw a huge party for our favorite people in a way that represented our personalities. Every decision we made was based not on if it was a wedding tradition or a popular trend …

march welcoming spring blog post

March: Welcoming Spring

EK Team News & Updates 2 Comments

Perhaps not where you are, but here in the Pacific Northwest, Spring is showing! Though accompanied by frequent showers, the sun is shining just a little more; and we have to admit- we’re pretty OK with it. Check out our latest content in the updates below, along with our recommended reads for the month from us at EcoKarma. If you want …

Meet and Greet Blog Environmental Specialist

Meet and Greet

Kaileigh Eco Balance Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome to Eco Balance! You’ve just stumbled upon my first of many blog posts to EcoKarma that will be focused on my everyday experiences and struggles in living (or attempting to live) a sustainable lifestyle. If somehow you’re not familiar with the site, EcoKarma is a wonderful platform that allows novice and experienced eco-conscious people alike to find …

February Blog Post

February: New Contributors, New Blogs

EK Team News & Updates 1 Comment

Welcome to our first News & Updates Blog Post! This will likely be a monthly post detailing and summarizing the changes happening at EcoKarma. We will also be using this as a platform to connect with you, by featuring reader questions, product suggestions, news articles and more. If you want to be one of the first to know what’s going …