About Us

My name is Sharayah, and I am the managing editor of EcoKarma. Over the years, I have become interested in identifying simple ways of reducing my own carbon footprint, as well as my household’s. Overconsumption seems to be contributing to many of our earth’s largest problems. Through developing renewable sources of energy, a change in daily habits, and perhaps most importantly — a paradigm shift in our way of thinking — we can affect change. The world has come a long way in the last decade. The challenge now is to go much further and much faster, progressively eliminating waste by developing a circular economy that mimics nature’s loops and cycles. This is a worthwhile though difficult goal to accomplish. Many institutions and systems still appear latent, either consciously or unconsciously perpetuating our largely unsustainable and linear way of doing things.

Can you make a difference?

Sometimes efforts appear futile on an individual scale. But, even the smallest change in daily actions, when spread across a great number of individuals will have a substantial impact. Multiplied across weeks, months, and years a new pattern can be woven. If it is true that every action is preceding by a thought, it can be gathered that shaping our way of thinking is of the utmost importance. Shown below are two common views of sustainability. While not necessarily incorrect, the image on the left does not convey the message the other image so effectively hits home: the importance of our environment. The environment embodies our society and economy and without it, neither would exist.

Two Views of Sustainability

My hope is to build this website into an authority on sustainable living and provide valuable information to eco-conscious readers. If you would like to talk or have any relevant feedback for the site, use the contact us page and I will reply within 48 hours. Thank you for your readership and support.

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Ecokarma is part of the Top Shelf Media network. Our mission is to encourage mindful consumption. We believe that if we can help each website visitor find the right information or product for their needs, it will result in less waste and a better life.

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