The Year of Gardening, Hobbies, and Plenty of Time at Home

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I really just want to dive right into what we’ve been up to as a family unit this past year. There’s a time to hmm and haw about the goals that 2020 seemed to unravel— but instead I’d rather focus on what we did do. Local campgrounds were a popular destination with limited space this summer, so we didn’t get …

Fairbanks Alaska

Summer Trip: Fairbanks, Alaska

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A Special “Thank You!” To Kenneth & Alayna for Hosting, Guiding, and Educating us Along the Way! Hello, all. This month we took a break from our regular scheduled programming of working on all of our websites, and digging in our garden, to take a trip a ways up north to America’s Last Frontier. My brother and sister-in-law have lived …

Spring Adventures

Spring Adventures: Hiking and Gardening

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With the change of season, comes a change of hobby for yours truly. Being in the PNW, there is no shortage of trails and parks to explore. Oregon’s extensive network of County, State, and National parks are well maintained and enjoyable. In all of the years I’ve been camping and hiking I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available just …