More than just a decoration, office and house plants actually serve a purpose, to give you a better working and living environment. There are a plethora of benefits of indoor plants, and on this page we’re going to detail them. From decreasing stress, to actually cleaning the air, the best office plants are going to increase your overall well-being. 

What’s Here

In this article we’re going to detail all of the benefits of indoor plants for you. After that, we’ll dive into some practical ways to integrate plants into your work or living space. If you’re looking for types of plants that are easiest to care for, or best for indoor environments, we’ve got that here, too.

Further down the page you’ll find suggestions on desk plants that don’t need sunlight very much. At the bottom, are our EcoKarma recommendations for best pots for indoor plants. In that list you’ll find a variety of the best planters for home, office, and desktop spaces.

What are the Benefits of Indoor Plants? 

First off, let’s dive into environment and health benefits of houseplants.  

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Decrease Stress and Boost Moods 

The one factor we saw come up the most in our research, was the impact of indoor plants on stress levels. There are numerous studies to prove that being out and around the natural environment greatly decreases stress levels. It’s no surprise that these same results are evident when nature is brought inside with us. 

Just the simple act of seeing and touching live greenery can help to increase happiness and feelings of relaxation.  

These are both things that we desperately need in our day to day lives- especially if our time is being spent at a desk, in front of a computer, and without frequent access to fresh air and calm environments. Now doesn’t that sound like something you want in your habitat?

Increase Concentration  

On a similar note, many studies have proven that students and employees show greater diligence to tasks and learning when they are in rooms with plant life.This also impacts the memory and ability to absorb and hold onto information. Thus this can improve effectiveness at work and increase memory up to 20% compared to working in places without plants. If you didn’t already realize, the benefits of indoor plants are no joke! 

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels by Adding More Oxygen to the Air 

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Indoor plants can make it easier for you to breathe, by essentially creating fresh air inside. Breathing cleaner air will increase the oxygen levels in your blood and keep you alert.  

Reduce Airborne Dust and Allergens  

Along with reducing carbon dioxide, indoor plants can help remove airborne dust and allergens from the air. Plants also release moisture into the air, creating a level of humidity that will help with breathing as well. 

There are a variety of benefits of houseplants including lowering indoor temperatures. These are just some of our favorite ones. If you’re convinced that indoor plants will help your working environment, read on through the next sections about what are the best office plants to choose! 

Best Office Plants  

In this section, we’re going to go over some of the best office plants to add to your work space or home. One of the biggest incentives to finding good indoor plants, would be to choose low maintenance ones.

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How to Choose the Indoor Plants

Here are some factors to look for when looking for the best indoor plants for health benefits and more:

[icon_list] [icon_list_item type=”bug”]Watering Needs. We suggest only finding plants that need low amounts of water to stay healthy. Some plants need more or less water depending on the time of year.[/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Growth Rates. If you end up getting plants that are growing fast, you might need to take cuttings or replant them in larger pots or outside. Look for plants with lower growth rates, or that stay virtually the same size, in order to cut out this piece of maintenance.[/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Low Sunlight. Since the plant will be indoor, you’ll want to find ones that need little natural light in order to thrive. The exception is if you decide to place plants in a window sill. Desk plants that don’t need sunlight will be the best options for your space.[/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Flowering Plants. We love adding flowering plants to the indoor office or workspace, as it adds great color. Some plants, if they don’t flower, also change color seasonally which is another great option.[/icon_list_item][/icon_list]

Our Suggestions for Best Office Plants 

[icon_list] [icon_list_item type=”bug”]Succulents. Though they have increased in popularity recently, succulents have long been a common indoor plant in offices, homes, and other workspaces. They require little watering, and even if neglected, they are very hearty plants. Many of them stay small and are easy to keep trimmed back. [/icon_list_item] 

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Cacti. In the same vein as succulents are cacti. Though the cactus has a prickly disposition, they can add so much color and fun shapes to your environment. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Air Plants. These plants are for those who are looking for the lowest maintenance plants possible. They require no soil, a light misting of water every once in a while, and whatever sunlight you can get them.[/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Hanging Plants. Spider plants and other common hanging plants are a great way to introduce greenery into your environment without taking up too much space.[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”bug”]Orchids. These are a classic indoor flower that need sunlight but barely any water. The most common reason they don’t survive is due to overwatering. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”bug”]Bonsai Trees. Bonsai is in a world of its own when it comes to indoor office plants. They can be a variety of different plants, but require a lot of attention to detail. [/icon_list_item][/icon_list]

If you’re looking for some specific plant types and names, check out the following resources:

Desk Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

There are a great amount of plants that will thrive indoors without very much sunlight, or practically none at all. Finding desk plants that don’t need sunlight is crucial to making sure that house plants stay green and serve their purpose!

Balcony Garden Web has a great list of some examples of plants that will do great without sunlight. They’ve included care instructions as well, to help you on your way!

Best Pots For Indoor Plants

Here are some of the best planters to add to your office or home work space.

Desk Planter Pots

Royal Gardens Wooden Planter Pots

These beautiful planters come in sets of 3, and in a variety of shapes and colors. They are the perfect size for desks, window sills, bookshelves and more. Made from a renewable resource, these fir wood planters are lightweight, and water sealed to prevent rot. They are the best pots for indoor plants that require low water, and that have shallow rooting, such as cacti, succulents, or even air plants.

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

Coming in two sizes, this planter is the perfect addition to your work space without impacting your storage footprint. It’s solid concrete, so it weighs a bit more, but that also means that it’s pretty sturdy. We love the simplicity of the design that gives all the attention to the plants themselves.

Jusalpha Planter Ladder

Perfect for a desk or shelf, this planter set can double as a cellphone holder or many other great options!

Flowerplus Planter Pots with Signs

This is a great option for newbies to the plant game. You can label the plants so that you remember what they are called. You can also use them to write fun quotes and more!

Wall and Window Pots for Indoor Plants

Aquaphoric Herb Garden for Windowsill

Want to add some spice to your workcenter? Do it literally with a nice herb garden. The smell alone will be a lovely addition!

Self Watering Wall Planter

Grow a large variety of plants in a small area, with little effort. This space saving planter will help add decor to white walls and bring color to your area.

Meiwo Pocket Hanging Garden Wall Planter

Turn your boring office walls into lush, green, wildlife. These felt pocket wall planters are great for herb gardens, succulents, air plants, and more! They can even be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

Large Planters

White Ceramic Flower Plant Garden Planters

Gold accents brighten up these ceramic planter pots. They are small enough to fit on larger tables, and large enough to be a corner piece for your office.

Algreen Self Watering Modena Cube Planter

This contemporary design will fit nicely in any work environment. It has a self watering level indicator so that you’ll always know when to water up your plants. The removable liner makes it easy to replace plants and clean things out.

Hanging Planters

Large Hanging Planters in Resin Flower Pots

If you’re looking for a nice large set of planters for your indoor decor look no further. The rope is adjustable. The material is strong and resilient, and will last a long time.

4 Piece Modern Ceramic Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

This is a modern twist on hanging plants. They are great for hanging on walls, or in window panes. The design is attractive, and the hanging ropes come in brown and white.


Mkono Glass Vase Plant Terrarium with Metal Stand

Perfect for air plants, this “S” shaped holder will add a contemporary and popular look to your workspace. Add rocks, moss, sand, or other decor for your own personal twist. This is perfect for any good plants for office desk spaces.

Irregular Geometric Glass Terrarium Planter for Indoor Air Plants

This planter is going to be perfect for air plants and other shallow rooted succulents. You can add so much color and design in a small space within this asymmetrical decor piece. Ferns and moss will also make a great addition.