With so many makeup brands marketing themselves as vegan or cruelty-free, finding eco-friendly makeup can be a tricky pickle. Luckily, sustainable beauty is a real thing and organizations all over the world are making an effort to combat climate change. It’s a choice to make a long-term difference and keep the earth safe by starting with a positive behavior.

Forget about the toxic chemicals and synthetics in your foundation and get ready to welcome sustainably sourced, plant-derived ingredients. Your skin will thank you as these eco-friendly beauty products are so effective, they’re have you looking and feeling better about making the world a better place.

What’s Here

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best eco friendly makeup brands on the market. We’ll also give you some tips on how to look for certain ingredients and know if what you’re buying truly is eco friendly makeup.

best eco friendly makeup

Best Eco Friendly Makeup: 6 Brands To Consider

Without further ado, here are our EcoKarma choices!

1. Axiology


Imagine a lipstick that has it all. Axiology was born vegan, non-toxic, organic, and cruelty-free. Details down to the packaging are meant to benefit the environment as founder, Ericka Rodriguez, integrated Axiology’s social impact on animals and the environment from the birth of their business model. Their endless number of shades are highly pigmented, long-lasting, and forever-moisturizing.

2. Farmacy

farmacy beauty

Farmacy is a naturally-derived skincare line that combines natural botanicals and extracts to bring out your best skin. Free from parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial coloring, Farmacy makes reducing your carbon footprint easier by only using their signature recyclable origami packaging. Farmacy goes the extra mile in terms of natural ingredients by cultivating their own plants on a local farm. Not only does Farmacy extract their own plant derivatives, these ingredients are derived on a farm that help and employ local young adults in the community.

3. Juice Beauty

juice beauty

Juice Beauty was meant to change the beauty world. Locally sourced, all of their cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, certified USDA organic, and manufactured by solar wind power. Their vibrant pigmented makeup is sourced from plants to help you feel good about the products you apply directly on your skin. Clinically proven to show results, Juice Beauty is truly one of a kind. Although they’re best known for their serums, moisturizers, and anti-wrinkle treatments, don’t be shy to dabble with their plant pigmented foundations and eye pencils.

4. RMS

rms beauty

RMS’s beauty products are truly raw and organic for makeup that keeps the skin healthy and hydrated. Their products are known to enhance your complexion and dedicated to healing and nourishing the skin. All glasses and lids are recyclable transforming the eco-conscious beauty experience to go beyond the product. RMS is committed to not only enhancing your looks, but also protecting your skin. From their concealer to nail polish, all RMS products are completely safe and never tested on animals. Their gorgeous mineral hues come in sustainable packaging with a 100% recycle rate.

5. Vapour Organic Beauty

vapour organic beauty

Vapour Beauty is one of the very first green makeup brands. Vapour has won Allure Best of Beauty Awards for their various natural products. Based in New Mexico, the company upholds standards for sustainability that have other cosmetic brands trying to catch up. Their entire company uses solar and wind power to run their warehouse and manufacturing system. Not only do they use the most recyclable material on Earth, their product boxes are actually post-recycled paper printed with vegetable ink. Their wind-powered factories also keep ingredients processed to a minimum earning them a ‘Champion Safety’ status from the Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics.

6. 100% Pure

100 percent pure

Talk about fruit pigmented mascara and organic coffee eye cream! 100% Pure has got insane organic skincare research and development game. All of their ingredients ingredients are sourced from organic farming with an environmentally conscious mindset.  Their cosmetics are pure and organic formulated with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants to maximize youth and beauty. 100% is skin nourishment at it’s finest.

Start with the Ingredients

The struggle against climate change is in your hands as the ingredients of your products have a long-term impact on the environment. Taking a peek into what goes into a product will help you make sure that they are high quality and well-sourced. Ingredients such as palm oil have devastating effects on the environment and can cause extinction of animal species. Whether you choose to keep it natural by investing in skincare or supporting any of the amazing eco-conscious brands, know you are not alone and that you are making a difference.

Green beauty brands aren’t just a trend. They’re the future. The products you choose to put directly on your face every day affect your skin, economy, and the environment. Inspire your friends around you to do something good for the planet and conscience. Be the change you want to see by investing in sustainable makeup drawers made up wood, glass, or recyclable aluminum. Always make sure your products are made with safe, natural, non-toxic love.


Christin Lee is a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and lifestyle blogger living in NYC with a passion for universal human rights. She is an editor at InsiderEnvy, a site focused on travel, health, and eyecare and writes review for contacts, beauty, and workouts.