We spend about a third of our lives in bed, according to studies. So if you live until the ripe old age of 80, that means you’ve spent about 26 years of your life in your bed. Obviously, that bed needs to be comfortable- but it also needs to be clean. Having organic sheets can help you sleep easy, knowing that what you snuggle into at night is safe for you and a lot less harmful to the environment.  As a bonus, often the most comfortable sheets are organic. But which brand is the right one for you? In this article we take a look at the best organic sheets on beds everywhere.

13 Best Organic Sheets: Reviews of 2018

In this section, we have the best organic sheets available. You’ll find organic cotton sheets reviews, organic linen sheets, organic bamboo sheets- and more! We’ve featured a wide variety of brands and prices so that you can easily find something to fit your expectations of quality while staying in budget.

Best Organic Cotton Sheets

best organic cotton sheets

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection sheets have been called the best organic cotton sheets. They’re ethically and responsibly made in India out of 100% organic cotton that even comes with a Global Organic Textile Standard certification, so you know these sheets are legit.

We love how these sheets are not only eco-friendly they also feel incredible. These sheets have a sateen finish and a 300 thread count, so they feel super soft and silky, while still being durable.

magnolia organic cotton sheets

They come in all different sizes from twin to California king and are machine washable, but it’s recommended to dry with low heat. Another thing we love about these sheets is their dyes are made without any heavy metals.

Best Organic Percale Sheets

Best Organic Sheet Sets

If you can splurge on your sheets, try Alterra’s organic sheets, which are a totally worth it investment. This bedding is woven with 100% organic cotton percale, designed with subtle yet versatile patterns that can work with any kind of bedding.

These sheets are made with the highest quality of cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard from when the cotton is grown to when the fabric is weaved. The sets have a 300-thread count and are available to fit on a Twin to California King size mattresses.

Also, some of Alterra’s bedding is either non-dyed or dyed with environmentally safe and metal free dyes. All of this is what makes them the best organic percale sheets on the market.

Best Organic Sheet Sets

threshold organic sheets

We love Threshold Organic sheets that you can get from Target. This bedding just shows you don’t have to splurge to be environmentally friendly. These sheets are Global Organic Textile Standard-certified cotton and they’re easy on the budget.

This 300 thread count set feels incredibly soft, and it only gets better after washing, according to customers. One Threshold lover even said that these sheets feel like sleeping on a cloud. And these organic sheets come in six patterned designs to go with any style.

Best Organic Linen Sheets

Best Organic Linen Sheets

This European made pure organic linen sheets set is everything. Enjoy the breathable and cool linen sheets that are also incredibly durable. They’re 100% organic from Belarus and made from organic flax that is never treated with chemicals.

These are the perfect summer sheets, it’s cool and try feel will keep you comfortable even in the hottest weather. You can also dry clean, machine wash or steam clean this dirt and stain resistant set, and the fabric won’t pill.

len linum organic linen sheets

But keep in mind, linen sheets aren’t for everyone. If you prefer or are used to soft and silky sheets, you may find this set to be a little rough against your skin.

Best Organic Sheets Made in USA

organic cotton sheets made in usa

These luxury organic cotton sheets by Linen Souq are a real treat. Made with an 800 thread count, they’re soft and silky to the touch. These sheets are organic cotton sheets made in usa, and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, so they are made responsibly and ethically.

Sets range from twin to California king, while it says machine washable, it is advised to use the gentle cycle with cold water and to wash with a natural and plant-based laundry detergent. It’s also advised to never iron, dry clean or use bleach on this set.

mercury row organic sheets

This Mercury Row eco-friendly sheet set has a great subtle geometric pattern that goes with almost everything. These sets are made from 100% certified organic cotton and have a 300-thread count. Do be warned that the pattern looks a little darker in person according to reviews.

It’s recommended to wash these sheets in warm water and to tumble dry them at a low temperature to keep their cozy and comfortable feel.


Coyuchi is a company from Northern California’s organic cotton sheets are inspired by nature. They believe that cotton should feel like cotton, wool should feel like wool and linen should feel like linen.

In other words, all the fabrics they use should feel how Mother Nature made them, pure and as minimally processed as possible, while still making products that provide comfort and style. These sheets are made in India with certified organic cotton that’s also fair trade certified. We also love that they use low impact dyes.

plover organics sheet sets

Sister in laws Sheila and Marisa dreamt up this company Plover in 2007. They were both new moms who wanted to create a home that safe and pesticide free. When they went to buy organic bedding, they were both disappointed with the selection of fun and bright sheets, so they made their own line.

Plover has a great selection of colorful certified organic sheets that are also made responsibly and ethically. The prints are inspired by vintage fabric and wallpaper to ancient Japanese vases with their namesake plovers (a type of bird) on them.

All of Plover’s sheets are also dyed in a way that the Organic Trade Association’s American Organic Fiber Processing Standards (AOFPS) approves.

loop organic sheets

LOOP sheets are all about sustainability. This company strives to inform people about all the bad effects of how cotton is congenitally grown. Their organic sheets are all certified, ethically made and produced without any harsh chemicals.

high quality organic cotton sheets

This brand is super committed to making gorgeously colored 100% organic cotton sheets at an affordable price. Whisper’s organic sheets beet the Global Organic Textile Standard, meaning there are no toxic chemicals used in any part of the manufacturing process, and all of their cotton is ethically sourced from farms in India. The soft sateen finish gives a feeling of luxury without the hefty price tag. When you buy Whisper Organic Sheets, you can feel comfortable in knowing you’re doing your part to support ethical and environmentally friendly trade, while still getting the benefits of high quality, super-soft bedding.

bambeco organic sheets

This female-founded company that Susan Aplin and Carolyn Wapnick started, aims to marry nature and modern design. Which means you’ll see that an assortment of their products is all originally and authentically designed. All of their items are reclaimed, recycled, re-purposed, natural, renewable or organic.

Everything Bambeco makes is produced with the highest respect for the people and the planet with certified organic cotton.

Best Organic Sheets + Fair Trade Certified

Boll and Branch organic sheets

Boll and Branch makes some of the best organic sheets that are also fair trade certified. Manufactured in India, the company is committed to providing fair wages, and maintaining their 100% sweatshop free status.  Not only that, but a portion of all purchase proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking.

Best Organic Bamboo Sheets

bamboo organic sheets

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- bamboo is one of the best material options for sustainable products. Organic bamboo sheets are not only sustainable, but they are made with high-quality, extremely soft fibers, giving you comfort in new ways. DTY makes an amazingly affordable organic bamboo sheet that comes in a variety of colors, and will stay wrinkle free and soft between washes.

Why Do You Need the Best Organic Bed Sheets?

Before we get into some brands that are making some incredible organic sheets, let’s understand more why organic sheets are so great. Today more and more manufacturers are making organic bedding.

This is because prior to this change, manufacturers were using cotton and other materials that were treated with pesticides and harmful chemicals.Certified organic sheets are not treated with any harmful toxins or chemicals that you might find on this list.

Ethical Considerations for Organic Sheets

Organic sheets are also great because of what they do for not only your comfort but also the world. When you buy  a set of the best organic sheets you’re also supporting and contributing to the ecosystem or organic farming. Organic cotton also helps reduce carbon dioxide emission, as organic cotton uses 60% less carbon dioxide than conventional farming.

Not only is organic cotton safer for you and your family, the farming of it is safer for workers as it uses zero toxic pesticides. If you sleep in sheets that aren’t organic, you’re essentially sleeping with chemicals.

Frequently, the companies that look to make certified organic products, are also doing their part to commit to fair trade practices. That’s definitely something to keep an eye out for when making your final decision.

Get Your Organic Sheets Today

Rest easy knowing you’re sleeping in certified organic sheets that are ethically produced and free of any harsh dyes and chemicals. Certified organic sheets don’t have to be super expensive. Often the more expensive sets tend to last longer, but how you care for your sheets can play a larger role in determining lifespan of your purchase.

It’s worth investing in sheets and bedding since we spend so much of our lives in bed. Be sure to read the instructions on your new sheets about how to wash and care for them properly so they last the longest.

We really love these companies and think they make the best organic sheets, but of course, there are more. Just make sure that your organic sheets say they are certified organic- and not attempting to greenwash.