Best Solar Chargers

12 Best Portable Solar Chargers and Panels of 2017

For the on-the-go person, investing in residential solar panels can seem beyond reason if you don’t spend much time at home. However, taking the steps to a more sustainable future is not out of reach. There is a large variety of portable, flexible and small solar panels that are easy to use and very effective.

Remember, EcoKarma is all about change, and even the smallest changes can help shrink your carbon footprint and live a greener and healthier life! So here are some fun and extremely useful best portable solar panels around! Here’s our review of the best solar chargers.

Solar Charger Comparison Table

Our table is ordered by price ascending so that it’s easy for you to browse based on your budget. In our review section below this, we’ve placed them in order of our EcoKarma favorites.

ImageChargerTypePowerWeightSmartphone Charge TimePrice
Dizaul Solar Charger Power BankPanel1Watts0.5 lbs2.5 hours
Beartwo Solar ChargerPanel5Watts0.5lbs2 hours
Poweradd Portable Solar ChargerPanel20Watts1.3 lbs1.5 hrs
Anker PowerPort Dual USB Solar ChargerPanel21Watts0.91 lbs4.5 hrs
Snow Lizard XTREME Waterproof iPhone Charging CasePanel+Power Bank3,000wAh0.91 lbs7 hr
PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar ChargerPanel2.2Watts0.5 lbsN/A
Solartab Solar ChargerPanel+Power Bank13,000wAh
2.65 lbs1.5 hrs
Voltaic Systems Amp Solar ChargerPanel+Power Bank4,000wAh
1.1 lbs3.5 hrs
Yolk Solar PaperPanel5Watts0.3 lbs2 hrs
SOKOO USB Portable and Waterproof Solar PanelPanel22Watts1.1 lbs2 hours
Brunton Solaris Foldable Solar ArrayPanel26Watts1.75 lbs1.5 hours
Renogy Portable Folding Solar PowerPanel Kit100Watts29.8 lbsN/A
Brunton SolarRoll Flexible Solar PanelPanel9 Watts0.66 lbs1 hour
PowerFilm 13 Watt Foldable Solar PanelPanel12Watts1 lbs1 hour
GoPower! Portable Folding Solar KitPanel Kit120Watts28.7 lbsN/A

12 Best Portable Solar Chargers & Solar Panels

Just like every other product in the universe, there are quality solar chargers out there and there are crappy solar chargers out there.

But not to worry. Now that we have you completely convinced about how awesome these devices are, it’s time to give you some recommendations for the best solar phone chargers.

Whether you’re a camper, RV owner, visiting remote locations, or just looking to impress, portable solar panels are one of the only viable options to charge essential items.

Here are our top 12 best solar charger picks:

1. SLXTREME Waterproof iPhone Solar Charging Case


Snow Lizard Products SLXtreme Case for iPhone

Want to kill two birds with one stone when shopping for the best solar charger? Look no further than the Snow Lizard SLXTREME . It’s a portable solar charger combined with a waterproof case. Pretty nifty, eh?

The Snow Lizard is super convenient, lightweight, and the charging process couldn’t be any easier- as long as it’s in the case, all you have to do is flip the phone over. The Snow Lizard weighs 14.7 ounces and comes with a storage capacity of 3,000 mAh.

2. Solartab Solar Charger in Charcoal Grey


Solartab S1111 Solar Charger Charcoal Grey

If killer storage capacity is what you’re looking for, then the Solartab S1111 Solar Charger is the way to go.

This baby comes with a storage capacity of 13,000 mAh- meaning it can fully charge your iPhone in as little as 90 minutes.  It also comes with two USB ports in case you’ve got a buddy who wants in on the solar charging action.

Coming in at 2.65 pounds, it’s a little on the heavy side when it comes to a charger, but for when your phone is in need of a quick boost, the extra weight is totally worth it.

3. Voltaic Systems Amp Solar Charger


Voltaic Systems Amp Portable Solar Charger with Battery Pack (4,000mAh)

For the treehugger out there, the Voltaic Amp is going to be the best solar charger to suit your needs. Its fabric is made from recycled materials (soda bottles, actually), plus it’s super lightweight, foldable and waterproof.

The Voltaic Amp weighs 1.1 pounds and comes with a storage capacity of 4,000 mAh.

4. Anker PowerPort 21W Dual USB Solar Charger


Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger PowerPort

If you frequently find yourself in extreme weather conditions, the Anker solar charger is about to become your new best friend.  Its industrial strength PET polymer panels sewn into rugged fabric are fit to stand even the harshest of conditions.

Rain storm coming in hot? No problem. The Anker Solar Charger is also water resistant. Anker’s PowerPort solar array is about 24% efficient which is about enough juice to charge two devices at the same time. Not bad. This unit weighs 14 ounces. Anker is known for their high quality charging accessories and has over 10 million users as of 2017.

5. Yolk Solar Paper World’s Thinnest and Lightest Portable Solar Charger


YOLK YKSP 5W Solar Paper World's Thinnest and Lightest Portable Solar Charger

Fan of the slim, sleek and sexy? Then you need to get your hands on the Yolk Station Solar Paper charger. This is the thinnest solar charger on the market, coming in at a mere .45 inches at its thickest point.

The Yolk Station weighs in at just 4 ounces- perfect for anyone seeking a lightweight option. It is also water resistant and extra panels are available if you want to increase the voltage.

6. Poweradd Portable Solar Charger w/ USB Port

Poweradd Portable Solar Charger - Best Portable Solar PanelsPoweradd Solar Charger Best Portable Solar PanelThe newest best solar panel that is fit to charge all of your electronic devices. If you’re camping and need to charge up your GoPro for your water skiing adventure, or you’re on a long term hike and want to be able to update your adventure blog – the Poweradd High-Efficiency portable panel is capable of charging laptops and tablets.

With 40 Watts of power and 18 volts of output, you’ll stay plugged-in with natural and renewable energy wherever your adventure takes you! Even though this being a new release item, we were impressed to the point that we decided to quickly put it on our list of solar panel reviews for your convenience!

Awarded to Poweradd Portable Solar Panel: Best All-Around Portable Panel

7. Brunton SolarRoll Flexible Solar Panel


Brunton Solar Roll Best Portable Solar PanelsOne of the best solar panels for camping that we have come across is this SolarRoll from Brunton. This solar panel comes in three different sizes and wattage in order to fit your needs. The name says it all, it can roll up to fit easily in a backpack, luggage, or even with your sleeping bag.

It comes with a car charger, so you’ll need your various adapters to charge up cell phones, etc. However, any USB car charger adapter will fit so that you can use your USB cords directly. It’s pretty weather resistant as well but is obviously easy to put away to avoid overexposure to the elements.

Awarded to Brunton SolarRoll: Best Camping Solar Panel

8. Brunton Solaris Foldable Solar Array


Brunton Solaris Foldable Panel - Best Portable Solar PanelsThis particular Brunton model comes with a USB output built in that can easily hook up to cell phones, music players, GPS units, and much more! The foldable design makes storage and uses very easy.

More than its SolarRoll cousin, the Solaris Foldable Solar Panel works incredibly in many different climates and does not require direct or full sunlight to work properly. When paired with a great portable battery or power storage, this panel will be able to give you a charge when you need it, even in the middle of the night!

Awarded to Brunton Solaris: Best Heavy Duty Camping Solar Panel

9. PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger


PowerFilm Foldable Best Portable Solar PanelsHere’s a teeny addition to the family of foldable solar panels: this little guy from PowerFilm is going to charge your AA batteries with solar energy whenever you need it.

This is perfect for camping and takes around three and a half hours to charge two batters, and under seven for four at once. That’s certainly a lot of batteries if you’re constantly charging over a week long camping trip. It’s an inexpensive and convenient way to dip your toes in solar energy!

Awarded to PowerFilm AA: Best Small Solar Panel

10. Renogy Portable Folding Solar Power Panel


Renogy Kit Best Portable Solar PanelsThis monocrystalline “Solar Suitcase” gives the user two 30 watt panels (with 12-volt battery charging) that are easy to transport, set up, and read. Renogy provides you with a Solar Charge Controller, and easy-to-read LCD screen and a self-adjusting battery that will vastly improve the lifetime of your Renogy solar kit.

Folded up, this kit will only take up a small amount of space with very simple set-up and go functions, you’ll be charging up in no time when you’re on the go. Camping, RVing, or even just emergency electricity due to a down power line will not prevent you from the power you need to keep going!

Awarded to Renogy Portable Folding Solar Panel: Best Compact Solar Panel

11. GoPower! Portable Folding Solar Kit


Go Power! GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit with 10 Amp Solar ControllerThis deluxe set of GoPower! Solar panels is lightweight and easy to transport to power your RV or trailer camping vacation! It’s weather proof and set up and take down is no problem.

With a built-in stand and high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. These are German made cells, a country that has invested a lot of time and money in alternative renewable energies, solar panels being one of the many they have mastered. GoPower! Solar is providing a top-of-the-line portable kit guaranteed to fit your needs with a warranty covering 25 years of power.

Awarded to GoPower! Portable: Best RV Solar Panel

12. PowerFilm 13 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Charger

powerfilm 10 watt

This ultra-lightweight foldable panel weighs less than a little over half a pound and folds out to be 4.5 X 10.5 inches in size.  But don’t let its size fool you, this little guy can help a lot! The portable and durable manufacturing makes it safe to pack up and take out as many times as needed.

This 10 watt charger comes with a female 15 volt charger and is perfect for on the go charging of electronic accessories like cell phones or cameras, but could also be a great addition to any camping trip in order to provide just an extra kick of power. It is also going to perform fantastically for you in cloudy weather which is why it is one of the best portable solar panels we could find for you. Bonus: it comes it camo styles too!

Awarded to PowerFilm Foldable: Best Durable Portable Solar Panel

Honorable Mentions

13. SOKOO USB Portable and Waterproof Solar Panel

sokoo portable foldable solar panel

If you’re an active person, we highly recommend this foldable, portable, and waterproof solar panel charger from SOKOO. With Dual-USB Smart Charging Technology, the panel’s system can actually identify your device and adjust the amount of power output accordingly. It’s compact size is slightly smaller than a piece of paper. It also comes with an 18 month warranty, so if something goes wrong you will be able to get a new one without any problems.

14. Dizaul Solar Charger Power Bank

dizaul solar charger

If you’re looking for something a little more durable, you should try out this portable panel from Dizaul. It’s very well liked by consumers, and is a steal at under $35.

15. Beartwo Solar Charger

beartwo solar charger

This design is smart and compatible with charging all devices, with two USB ports you can multitask without losing power. It’s perfect for camping, since it also features a built-in flashlight.

General Thoughts on Harnessing Solar Energy on the Go

Ditch the outlet with one of the best solar chargers! Why?

Best Portable Solar Panels

It’s always safe to have a portable charger so your phone won’t die when you’re out, and solar power’s even better.  These days, choosing a phone is pretty much equivalent to choosing a car- the make, the model, and the color are all things we take into careful consideration.

But most likely you didn’t put the same careful consideration into selecting your phone’s best mate- the charger. You probably have just been rockin’ the same one that came with the phone, right? And hey, that makes sense, chargers can’t tell us the best pizza spot in town, give us directions, or let us send funny memes to our friends.

However, the role of the charger should not be underestimated. Because without it, your phone can’t perform any of those vital tasks previously mentioned.  So, where should your search for the perfect charger for your phone start? First things first- it’s time to ditch the outlet and switch to a solar powered charger.

Solar powered chargers are taking over the traditional outlet charger’s spot as your phone’s new BFF.  Why? Because they’re pretty freakin’ awesome, that’s why (for both you and the environment!). Read this article to find out exactly why a solar charger is the way to go and to discover the best solar charger on the market that money can buy!

Top 3 Benefits of Solar Chargers

1. Going Green 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard something about the downward spiral of our environment.  From cars to food, to clothes, it seems like everything in our daily lives is somehow detrimental to the environment. And our cell phones are certainly no exception.

Although they can be recycled, most people choose to throw cell phones away. And unfortunately, when you throw a cellphone away, it doesn’t magically turn into a pretty flower.  Instead, the toxic materials from cell phones pollute the water, soil, aquatic life, aquamarine life, and other animals.  But these dangerous effects haven’t slowed us down from throwing our phones in the trash. In fact, according to the EPA, 135 million cell phones were trashed in 2010 alone.  To put that amount of waste into perspective, consider that it would only take 42 recycled cell phones to power a home for the entire year.

Want to make yourself a part of the environmental solution instead of the problem? Then it’s high time you invest in the best solar charger for your phone.  Unlike America’s go-to electricity source, coal, solar cells do not suck up any of the earth’s precious energy or resources, nor do they emit harmful pollutants. When using a solar charger, you can feel a little better knowing that you aren’t wasting more of the earth’s energy and resources. You’re just borrowing a little energy from the sun.

2. Reliability A+++

Speaking of the sun, did you ever notice how reliable it is? Unlike wall chargers, which can be both unreliable and hard to find to find an outlet for, solar chargers have convenience written all over them.

No more fighting for the prime seat in the coffee shop next to the outlet. And no more worrying about conserving your battery on your next camping trip so you have enough to take some sweet pics.  As long as you know when the sun is shining, the whole wide world is open for you to get your charge on.

3. Easy as 1,2,3

Ok, maybe part of the problem when it comes to protecting the environment comes to human laziness- like, who really enjoys taking the time to sort recycling? However, with solar portable chargers, there’s really nothing stopping even the laziest of us from using them.

Solar chargers are lightweight-usually less than a pound. They are user-friendly- if you can locate the sun, you’re good to go. And, they are relatively inexpensive. Most are only around $100 but last for ages.

Best Solar Chargers & Panels: Time to Take Your Pick

Now that you know the benefits of using a solar charger and have a list of our top picks, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you.

Chances are high you’ll love it and will be a solar energy loving fiend. When that happens, be sure to also check out our top recommendations for the best solar panels. 

Love one of these chargers on the list or do you have a recommendation for the best solar charger that we didn’t include? Drop us a comment below and share your thoughts!

For more information on solar energy and panels, check out our solar energy section.