Any modern mom, dad, or caregiver will tell you that the baby food pouch is one of the best inventions to come around since sliced bread. Gone are the days of scraping the food out of jars with tiny spoons! But the dilemma is in the waste. Good thing there are companies making the best reusable baby food pouches out there that you can fill with your own recipes and delicious squeezable snacks.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the best reusable baby food pouches on the market, and give you some tips on what to fill them with, how to clean them, and why we think they are so great.

What’s Great About Baby Food Pouches

When a nearby mom comes to your rescue with an extra pouch to share with your kid it feels as if they were sent from heaven. Nothing quite calms a fussy 9-month old down like slurping on some fruit purees. They might even have some healthy veggies mixed in.

But, what was in that miracle pouch? Where was it made? What chemicals did they use to preserve the ingredients? 

best baby food reusable pouch

We go to so much trouble making sure our little ones have the best nutrition. Sourcing organic produce. Steaming and pureeing our own baby food. Pumping and freezing and labeling breast milk for months and even years on end.

Shouldn’t snacks get the same great treatment? With reusable baby food pouches, you can take your homemade food on the go over and over again.

Read on for our favorite reusable baby food pouches and never get caught in the lurch again.

On a Train, or in a Car, Here are the Best Food Pouches No Matter Where You Are!

A baby pouch, baby food pouch, toddler food pouches. No matter what you call them- if you’re a caregiver of a young child you know what we are talking about.

The trouble is, these pouches contain mystery ingredients and are ridiculously expensive. If you have health concerns, like staying all organic or gluten-free, the price quadruples.

baby food ingredients

The baby food business is worth $8 billion dollars and roughly 25% of its sales come from pouches alone.

How can we solve the problem of controlling ingredients while keeping costs reasonable? Reusable baby food pouches are the answer.

This allows the parents to make their own food and fill their own pouches. Not only does this leave more green in their wallet it’s also more green for the Earth. Let is tell you why.

Why Reusable is So Important

best reusable baby food pouches
  • No matter which baby pouch you purchase from your favorite big box store shelf there’s one huge problem. None are recyclable. Which makes them 100% waste, not zero waste at all.
  • The convenience of a baby food pouch is one thing but is it worth clogging up more landfill space? Especially if your precious child has a tendency to use it as art supplies rather than sustenance.
  • If you make your own food you can compost any waste. Using a reusable pouch makes them far more Earth-friendly.
  • You control the ingredients and nutrition your child receives and don’t have to depend on a large corporation being honest about what’s in their products.

Now, let’s tell you about our top ten favorite reusable pouches.

healthy planet pouches

The Healthy Planet Pouches feature a sturdy double lock zipper for easy filling and leakproof sealing. The pouches are 100% recyclable and easy to clean.

Use them over and over again. They feature a clear front and top so you can see what’s inside. They won’t disguise any unintended yuckiness.

These work great with the Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker.

squooshie resuable pouches

These adorable little pouches feature 6 different animal friends. Your little one will request the cow, or panda, or piggy over and over again. Better yet, the animal’s tiny tummies are see-through so you can take a peek at what’s inside the pouch.

Squooshi is the brainchild of a father-daughter team, Shannon Wren and Noel Wren. They knew there was a better way to give convenient food to babies and toddlers. 

The Squooshie pouches also feature a wide zippered opening which makes filling a breeze. They clean easily with any baby bottle brush and water. These also have spouts which are good to go with the Infantino Filling Station.

choomee food pouches

Another brand featuring some adorable little animals, ChooMee pouches are great at keeping your young one interested. Our favorite is the little unicorn. You can see the contents from the back of the pouch with a see-through window behind the tail.

ChooMee makes their pouches with a rubber spout which is great for babies who might be teething as well.

ChooMee Food Pouches are dishwasher and freezer safe. They also feature a wide zippered bottom opening for easy filling.

baby brezza reusable food pouch

This bulk set of reusable pouches is one of the most affordable on our list. The Baby Brezza pouch pack comes with 10 in the box- for a little less than $1 per pouch.

Unlike our previous picks, these pouches feature a side opening. This gives you even more space for easy filling. This also prevents leaks from the bottom while baby eats.

This pouch is the only one that can stand up on its own. The set comes with its own filling funnel and holds up to 7 ounces of food. 

kiddzo squeeze breeze

Kiddzo also comes in a super affordable bulk pack of 50 pouches. Any cap works on these pouches. The spout sits on the side of the pouch and features a wide zippered bottom for filling. This set also comes with a spoon attachment so smaller babies can use them too.

They are easy to clean and cheap enough to throw away if you need to.

jungle squeez pouch

The cutest little animals adorn these pouches. You get the whole zoo on each one. Jungle Squeeze’s design centers on a clear window in the center which shows the contents. 

A great feature of these pouches is the labeling window on the back. Use a removable marker and never forget what’s inside. With a heavy-duty double zipper, these don’t leak. They also come with a 1-year warranty.

squeazy snacker

These are phenomenal! The Squeezy Snacker, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, can be a water bottle as well. These get your littles ready for sippy cups while giving them yummy nutritious purees.

The unique feature of these pouches is the no-spill insert. This makes the pouch function like a sippy cup and doesn’t let the contents out without sucking.

This makes it perfect for those toddlers who just want to squirt the food all over the back of your car seat. Another fantastic benefit of this pouch is the unique spout even fits a feeding tube or syringe for babies with special dietary needs.

hippypotamus reusable food pouches

By far the hippest food pouches around, these unique Hippypotamus pouches feature a modern design. The black and white color scheme with cacti and superhero masks will stand out against whatever color the food is within.

The fill from the bottom and feature a double zipper. The fun design makes them super appealing even to older siblings. You can easily throw them in a lunch box of an older kid too. Hippypotamus also gives you a couple of extra caps, since they are somewhat easy to misplace.

QooC food storage pouch

QOOC makes another economy pouch option. They come with their own filling funnel with a super cool extra feature. The funnel itself attaches to the zipper closure. This means that food never touches the zipper seal and your food stays fresher longer. Fewer leaks and air contamination is always a good thing.

QOOC pouches are made in nice bright colors but do not feature any animal friends. You can see what’s inside through the transparent window. They hold up to 7 oz of food and are dishwasher and freezer safe. 

However, there are a few reviews that mentioned these can be a bit tough to clean. Don’t trust the dishwasher to do the full job on its own. Rinse as soon as you can and you should be good to go.

They also feature a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. So, you get your money back if you don’t love them. 

weesprout reusable baby food pouch

The WeeSprout features an adorable planet Earth design that shows the contents in the continents. 

Easy to fill through a wide double zipper bottom, these will be ready for you whenever you need them. They also attach to the Infantino system as with some other reusable pouches on the list.

This pouch has the unique feature of all rounded edges. This means there are no corners and crevices to clean out. While there are no corners some have mentioned that food can collect within the zipper portion of the pouch.

Make sure to clean these thoroughly to avoid any food staying behind and contaminating the bag.

Avoid Hanger Tantrums and Always Have a Treat On Hand with These Baby Food Pouches

We hope that this list of reusable baby food pouches convinces you that you can have your pouch and eat it too. We hope you feel empowered to ditch the consumables and go reusable with homemade baby purees.

Want to learn more ways to live clean and benefit the whole family?

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