Want to learn how to make delicious coffee? I will tell you all the secrets of making the best coffee at home. Read on for the 10 most popular ways to brew your own cup of joe.

A cup of coffee helps us cheer up in the morning, relax at lunch, and feel refreshed when we’re finally at home after a long hard day at work. No one can make coffee as well as a professional barista. But should we flee to a restaurant every time we want a little more of this fragrant and slightly astringent drink? Definitely not.

According to thehomedweller site, there are many ways to do without going to a coffee shop or restaurant, and knowing how to make delicious coffee at home, you can always provide yourself with your favorite brewed drink. All you need is properly roasted beans, pure water, the necessary equipment, some skills, and patience.

What is the Best Way to Make Coffee at Home?

Many ways of making coffee have been invented a long time ago and are getting popular only now. The reason is not only in the unique taste properties of the drink but also in the process which is sometimes similar to some chemical experiment. Yes, even at the first stage of coffee making you can have fun, but to begin with, it is worth getting acquainted with the easiest ways.

1. Quality Coffee Makers

The first thing that comes to mind is buying a really good coffee maker. With it, you can prepare classic Americano, espresso and many other types of coffee with little or no effort, or special skills. The machine allows you to fine-tune the dosage of coffee and the amount of water, the preparation itself can take only a couple of minutes. Convenient indeed, but the maker clearly follows a preset program, and the variety of recipes is limited by capabilities of the device.

2. Drip Coffee

Another no less easy way to prepare Americano or coffee with milk at home in huge quantities is to purchase of an ordinary electric drip coffee maker which is so popular in the U.S. and some European countries, where they have not learned to appreciate espresso. Prepared with little or no effort, the highly caffeinated beverage is the perfect way to cheer up in the early morning.

3. Geyser Machines

The next way to make hot coffee fast is to use a geyser coffee machine. For real connoisseurs, it causes conflicting feelings, because the drink boils in it, and for coffee, it is not very useful. Nevertheless, it is popular even in Italy, where coffee is erected in a kind of cult, and where they know exactly how to make it delicious at home. With some skills, the drink will turn out to be no worse than in a restaurant.

4. Turkish Coffee

Coffee drinkers with experience know how to make really delicious coffee at home. To do this, you will need an ordinary Turkish coffee pot, which is actually called “cezve,” to be precise. This method is already thousands of years old, and the design of the cezve has not undergone any significant changes.

If you have experience and skill, you can make a rich, aromatic coffee, with the addition of spices and other ingredients. To achieve an ideal result, you should pay attention not only to the choice of the appropriate blend but also the design of the pot, after which you can proceed to make a drink, using virtually any known recipe.

5. French Press

Back in 1920, the French invented their own way of preparing the drink, creating a French press. It is a simple cylinder with a plunger which today many people mistakenly use to brew tea. Its design is simple enough, and the process of making takes minimum time and effort, in addition, this method of brewing allows you to maximize the aroma of coffee.

Except for the French press itself, you will need only coarse dark roasts, hot water, and 3 to 5 minutes of your time. After the drink is infused, it is necessary to press the plunger down and pour the coffee into cups.

6. AeroPress

In 2005, the popular French press was improved and the result was AeroPress. A paper filter which reliably purifies coffee from thick and other impurities can be used in the new device. Thanks to AeroPress, perfectly pure and fragrant drink is available not only in a coffee shop but also at home, in the office, and outdoors, because the press takes up little space, and even a child can make coffee with it.

7. Chemistry

Chemists also like coffee, and a certain Peter Schlumbohm has come up with a way to make coffee at home or in his laboratory practically from improvised items. His invention is called the “Chemex Coffeemaker” and strongly resembles a hybrid of chemical flask and wine decanter. Such a scientific approach allows you to select your favorite recipe with perfect accuracy, measuring the necessary ingredients, and get a delicious, filtered coffee. Such a rich and sweet drink will definitely not be served in every cafe.

8. Vacuum

Do you know how to make coffee at home not only delicious but also effective? In terms of entertainment, few things can argue with the siphon or vacuum coffee maker. Because of the unusual way of making it in the XIX century, it quickly gained popularity in Europe, but somehow was forgotten. It was only at the end of the last century that such a vacuum coffee maker regained its popularity among beverage lovers.

In the process of heating, water from the lower flask gets into the upper one, and ground coffee is then added to it. Under a vacuum pressure, the drink, already saturated with coffee extract, is returned to the lower flask, and the coffee is then ready for consumption. The siphon can be run with the help of a conventional alcohol burner.

9. Pour-Over

Another way to make delicious coffee and turn it into a real coffee ceremony is to use a pour over dripper. The design is remotely reminiscent of a Chemex but the funnel is additionally equipped with grooves through which air enters the drink, increasing the aroma.

All you need is to install a filter in the funnel, soak it in water, and pour in some coffee. Now it just remains to bring a kettle and gracefully, using a theatrical gesture, pour hot water from the edge of the funnel to its center for about 3-3.5 minutes.

10. The Lazy Way

The laziest coffee addicts can take advantage of a simple popular way in South America. As almost any drink, coffee can be brewed right in a cup, pouring it into a simple cotton bag, just like in a teabag. The result is a moderately bitter, aromatic, and quite refreshing drink. But professionals still recommend using a coffee maker.

Use Your Imagination

In today’s modern world, recipes for delicious coffee at home are counted in hundreds, and their listing is worthy of a separate article. But there are ways to improve the drink, no matter how it is made. Don’t forget about spices, the smell of which will give the drink a unique taste and aroma. Just be careful with cardamom which, although pleasant to taste, neutralizes the effect of caffeine. Also, thanks to a few salt crystals, the taste will become softer and the aroma will increase.