Best Detox Teas

12 Best Detox Teas of 2017: Kick Those Toxins to the Curb

Tea has rapidly grown in popularity in the Western world. Sometimes, it is drank as a healthier alternative to coffee. Detox tea is a special kind of tea that uniquely nourishes the body. Over time, toxins build up in the body and cause health issues. In our age, there are more pollutants in the environment than ever before. Drinking tea is an ideal way to counter these toxins. In this story, we discuss the what detox teas are exactly, the benefits, then provide an overview of some of the most popular and best detox teas available.

12 Best Detox Teas of 2017

Here are the most effective and best detox teas of this year. These selections were a result of the highest ratings for detox power, taste, popularity, and having no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Rotating through these teas, or adding one of them to an existing rotation is an excellent way to holistically detox the body.

1. Yogi DetoxYogi Detox Tea - Best Detox Teas

Yogi was founded in 1969 and has been in the tea business for over 40 years. They use high quality, organic ingredients in their teas. Their motto is: “Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good.” Their teas are among the best offerings and their prices are fair. We recommend the Yogi Detox tea, although the Yogi Peach Detox is probably the most delicious. Organic burdock and dandelion aid the liver, while juniper berry purifies the kidneys.

  • Detox Ingredients: burdock, dandelion, juniper berry
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: sarsaparilla, ginger, black pepper

2. Capital Teas Organic Detox Tea


Capital Teas Organic Detox Tea

Have you been over-indulging or overdid it a bit with the drinking? This all organic detox tea from Capital Teas is extremely high in purity. Capital Teas is a renowned American tea retailer with an ever growing base of stores throughout cities such as NYC, Miami, & Denver. If you ever get a chance to visit one of their stores, make sure to stop by one of their sniffing walls! This particular detox tea is a loose leaf green tea which helps cleanse your body and your senses with a one-two-three combo of lemongrass, lemon peel, and lemon oil. A mango, strawberry, and peppermint infusion help to balance out all that lemon for a truly complex and exquisite taste.

  • Detox Ingredients: lemon, vitamin C, ginger
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: liquorice root, peppermint

3. Twining’s Lemon and GingerTwinings Herbal Tea - Best Detox Teas

This is a lighter tea from Twinings. It is a simple tea made from ginger root and lemon. Twinings Teas has actually been around for over 300 years and they are a founding member of The Ethical Tea Partnership. This partnership functions much like the fair trade coffee organization in ensuring fair working conditions on member tea estates.

  • Detox Ingredients: lemon, ginger root
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: blackberry leaves, linden

4. Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox

Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox Tea - Best Detox Teas

Traditional Medicinals use pharmacopoeial grade herbs to create their tea. Sometimes, their prices range slightly higher than that of their competitors. This product is designed to promote healthy liver function. Roasted dandelion and chicory roots are packed into this tea to give your liver a whopping detoxification punch. That will send those toxins running for the hills. Unlike the Twinings tea above, this is a very complex tea, that blends sour, salty, roasted, sweet, and bitter into a complex taste for an advanced palette.

  • Detox Ingredients: dandelion

5. Celestial’s Sleepytime Decaf Green TeaCelestial Sleepytime Decaf Green Tea - Best Detox Teas

This tea by Celestial Seasonings is a wonderful evening tea. It is a decaf green tea infused with lemon and jasmine. This will help your body relax and work overtime while you are sleeping to flush toxins from the body. It is a smooth tea, with a potent jasmine fragrance that is decadent.

  • Detox Ingredients: mint, chamomile, vitamin C
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: lemongrass, jasmine, Tilia flowers, hawthorn, rosebuds

6. Baetea 14 Day TeatoxBaetea 14 Day Teatox - Best Detox Teas

Baetea is the new kid on the block and they provide a two week teatox product for those pursuing a serious tea detox regime. If you’re committed this may be the best route you can take. Dig in your heels and stick with it for 14 days and you’ll be waving goodbye to toxins. This tea is also known for its appetite suppressing ability. Be careful though, this product contains senna leaf.

  • Detox Ingredients: ginger root, senna, rooibos
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: guarana, oolong wu yi, vitamin C, pomegranate, lemon, honey

7. Dr. Rosemary’s Weight Loss/Detox Tea TherapyDr Rosemary Tea Therapy Weight Loss Detox Tea - Cleanse Toxins From Fat Cells & Reduce Bloating While Losing Weight

If you’re looking for both an appetite suppressant and detox tea, Dr. Rosemary’s product is an excellent choice. Dr. Rosemary is a licensed acupuncture physician trained in Chinese medicine and other herbal remedies. The general relaxation a quality tea delivers are is an added bonus with this one. With notes of Cinnamon and Peppermint, you can be sure that you’ll be taking more than just a sip of this tea. This is an all organic blend of herbs and is a caffeine free tea.

  • Detox Ingredients: ginger, senna, lemongrass, chamomile
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: cardamon, rooibos, milk thistle, fennel, peppermint, cinnamon

8. v tea Teatox 14 Day Detoxv tea Teatox 14 Day Detox

Those who are a fan of minty flavors will enjoy v tea’s Teatox. It has a robust line up of antioxidants including nettle leaf and yerba beuna. The package contains 14 servings which can be used alongside an existing diet or as a standalone. v tea recommends drinking one cup of their product every morning — just don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to aid the detoxification process. v tea also sells a supplementary tea called the ‘Evening Flush’ that can be used in concert with this morning tea.

  • Detox Ingredients: burdock root, nettle leaf, wild-crafted creosote, dandelion leaf, fenugreek seed, rosemary, tulsi, yerba beuna

9. HEY GIRL Cleanse – Detox Tea + Reduce BloatingHEY GIRL Cleanse - Detox Tea + Reduce Bloating

HEY GIRL teas offer an assortment of four tea products. Depending on your goal, they have cleanse, energize, sleep, and feel better. The cleanse product, featured in the above image, is designed to help flush the body of toxins, reduce bloating, and aids in weight loss. The only complaint with this detox tea is the taste, so if you have a sensitive pallet you may want to give a different tea a try.

  • Detox Ingredients: senna, burock, dandelion, black walnut, lemongrass, sarsaparilla, nettles, alfalfa, milk thistle
  • Other Helpful Ingredients: rose hips, honey bush, grapefruit peel, ginger, orange peel

Other Recommended Detox Teas:

10. MateFit Weight Loss Detox TeaMateFit Weight Loss Detox Tea

11. Total Tea Gentle Detox TeaTotal Tea Gentle Detox Tea

12. Magic TeaFit Organic DeTox TeaMagic TeaFit Organic DeTox Tea

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic qualities or substances from the body. To get more detailed, this process is completed by cleaning the blood. Impurities are removed from the liver, lungs, lymph, skin, intestines, and kidneys. Peter Bennett, author of 7-Day Detox Miracle, acknowledges, “Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of each individual cell. These are the smallest units of human life.”

The process of detoxing has been practiced for centuries. It is used by cultures all over the world, most popularly in Eastern medicine systems. Detoxification is ultimately about cleansing the body from the inside out. It can also help you fortify your health and protect you from illness.

Many health experts recommend detoxifying the body once a year. There are many ways people detox their bodies. Fasting, improving blood circulation, juicing, stimulating the liver, steam baths, exercise, and changing diets are all common methods.

Common Symptoms that Detoxification can Help Alleviate:

  • Low-grade infections
  • Unexplained or chronic fatigue
  • Mental cloudiness
  • Irritated skin
  • Bags under the eyes, or puffy eyes
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual problems
  • Allergies

Detox Teas: A Traditional Health and Wellness Boon

Detox tea is a special kind of tea to aid the body in flushing toxins. Tea is already known for its robust antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known to decrease free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. Too much if these can cause chronic diseases, inflammation, and even cancer. Tea is consumed in such abundance in some Asian countries, and it is thought to be one of the reasons why cancer rates are lower in such countries.

Basic black and green teas are rich in antioxidants. Detox tea ups the ante by containing select herbs that nourish the body, particularly the liver. Such herbs include ginger, milk thistle, lemongrass, and dandelion. The liver is the primary organ that is responsible for clearing toxins from your body. Tea for detox aid your body in quickly getting rid of toxic waste. In turn, this will improve your digestive system.

A tea detox plan is an excellent supplement to a weight loss strategy. It is not a standalone weight loss method. These types of teas will jump-start your metabolism and help burn hard to access stored fat. Those some individuals replace meals entirely with liquids such as teas, this is not a sustainable solution especially for those with an active lifestyle. Something like this should only be done for 1 to 3 days. Adding a few cups of detox tea a day to an existing healthy diet is typically the wisest approach. This method can also be sustained for much longer periods of time.

There have been many clinical studies documenting tea’s health benefits. One more recent study, a 2013 analysis from American, Italian, and Dutch researches found that tea may help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke as well as lower your blood pressure. In addition, they found tea had other benefits such as helping mood and increasing mental performance. This is a critical component of keeping your stress down, energy up, and moderate your body weight.

Benefits of Detox Tea:

  • Flush out harsh and damaging toxins
  • Start burning stored fat
  • Cure digestive problems
  • Raise energy levels naturally

Detox Teas and Weight Loss

Detox teas have been caught up in a media storm as a few celebrities have endorsed them as being a key success factor in their weight loss. This has created a lot of buzz and unrealistic expectations. Keep in mind that detox teas should be a supplement to a well adjusted weight loss plan, not the primary part of the plan. The bottom line is you still need to diet and exercise for them to work. Detox teas are not a magic weight loss bullet. They should be combined with healthy and balanced meals to accelerate your weight loss results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is somewhat of a placebo effect with some teas. Particularly teas that combine both diuretics and caffeine. This will trigger the loss of water weight but not actual fat. Two cups of water is equal to 1 pound on a scale, so losing water weight can make you look and feel significantly lighter. Furthermore, some detox teas will activate a laxative effect. This will cause your body to elimate wastes from your GI tract. This will result in a thinner and flatter looking stomach, even though your lean to fat ratio will remain the same. These illusions of weight loss will quickly evaporate when you return to a normal eating habits and stop drinking tea.

How to “Teatox”

Most nutritionists agree that drinking tea is best absorbed before you wake up and go to sleep. It is a good idea to drink decaf tea before bed. A great rule of thumb is to not drink any caffeine within six hours before bed time. If you’re partial to tea, or going for a vigorous flush, five to seven cups a day is the suggested limit. If you have any concerns before starting a tea detox plan, consult your doctor or nutritionist prior to beginning.

Perhaps the most important part of a teatox is the food you are eating alongside this detoxification. If your diet is taxing your system, you might be in for a rough ride. To thoroughly detox your body, stick to vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Anti-inflammatory fats such as those from certain types of nuts and advocates are okay too. Be sure to cut processed and especially fried food.

A common ingredient to watch out for in detox teas is senna. Senna is a herbal laxative. An essential part of detoxing is cleansing the intestines, and senna certainly aids in this area. Senna is a helpful ingredient to take as, for example, a night time drink for a short span of days. Taking it too long may result in vomiting, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and diarrhea.