Buying organic is so much more than a fad, or an expensive habit. It’s a way of living that promotes more awareness not only about personal health but environmental as well. It’s time to let organic shopping dominate more than just your grocery list. Start life with your newborn off on a more eco-conscious foot by buying them only the best organic baby clothes out there. If you’re not sure where to start, we have all of our favorite organic baby clothing brands here with specific product recommendations as well as a brand guide for further exploration.

Organic Baby Clothes Guide

If you’re on the fence about investing in organic baby clothes and want to know more about the benefits it will have not only on you and baby but also on the earth- keep scrolling. We have sections about why certified organic baby clothes are important and how you can educate others on the cause.

Up first, our reviews of the best organic baby clothes brands and more.

organic baby clothes brands

Best Organic Baby Clothes for 2021

In this section, we’re giving you a closer look at some of our favorite organic baby clothes from our most favorite brands so you can start shopping or build a registry. We’ve given awards to each of our picks for the best organic baby clothes, so you can see why we chose them. If you want to take a quick look at all of our brand picks, check out our section on the top organic baby clothing brands.

We encourage you also to look for these brands in consignment stores, as well as buying non-synthetic gently used clothing for your babies and growing kids. The choice to buy used is always an environmentally friendly decision- especially if you are buying natural fiber clothing.

colored organics baby clothes

1. Colored Organics

Our Pick for the Most Affordable Organic Baby Clothes

We chose this brand with the best basics and most affordable organic baby clothes as Colored Organics. All of the clothes at Colored Organics are designed in the US and made in India. They are 100% sweatshop-free and focus on helping to improve life in India by providing fair wages, access to education for children, clean water, and more. Their mission is to invest in the future: which is children. So it’s no wonder that they want to make sure that our children can have the best organic baby clothes.

Our favorite items from Colored Organics:

Organic Kimono Bodysuit

affordable organic baby clothes

Up first is this adorable organic cotton Kimono Bodysuit, perfect for newborns, and it will make the perfect starter onesie for fussy babies. The crossbody snaps make for a hassle-free setup- especially to those of us new to the changing diapers scene. The variety of colors are subtle but so adorable, and the price is fair also.

Check out these other great options from Colored Organics!

Long Sleeve Organic Sleeper and Girls’ Organic Bloomer Shorts

organic baby unisex peyton long sleeve sleeper
girls organic bloomer shorts
under the nile organic cotton baby clothes

2. Under the Nile

Our Pick for the Best Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Under the Nile makes some of the best organic cotton baby clothes. Under the Nile clothes and products are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic Egyptian Cotton (hence the name), and they center their company around sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The result? High-quality clothes that you and your baby will be comfortable with!

Must Haves from Under the Nile:

2-Piece Layette Set

Best Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Bringing home baby never looked so good! Well maybe it did, but this definitely is a must-have outfit for newborns and infants. The animal print footie pajama bottoms pair perfectly with the tie-closed long sleeve top. You’ll want to snuggle baby the whole time they are in this organic cotton outfit.

Denim Jacket and Snuggle Sheep

under the nile organic denim jacket
snuggle sheep organic cotton toy
Favorite Organic Baby Clothes Brand

3. Finn + Emma

Our Favorite Organic Baby Clothes Brand

Finn + Emma is one of our favorite organic baby clothes brands, (it’s filled up my own baby registry!) filled with great gender-neutral options that will be cute for generations. They also make some great organic wool & organic cotton blend toys, hats, and other accessories.

Favorite Organic Cotton Pieces from Finn + Emma:

Convertible Gown/Coverall

organic cotton convertible gown jumpsuit

This convertible gown or coverall comes in three adorable prints, made with eco-friendly nontoxic dyes and prints. They cut their one-piece baby outfits with extra room to accommodate both cloth and disposable diapers. The cotton they use also won’t shrink as much as many of their competitors.

Organic Cotton Pants and Infinity Bib

finn and emma organic cotton pants
organic cotton infinity bib for baby
kate quinn

4. Kate Quinn Organics

Cute Organic Baby Clothes

Kate Quinn makes cute organic baby clothes. We even say the CUTEST. Their primary line of clothes is made from 100% organic cotton, grown using completely sustainable farming practices. Their other line is made from Bamboo Fabric- which is one of our new favorite materials to make just about anything. Kate Quinn is always on-trend, or even just a little bit ahead of the curve. Their colors and patterns take common fits and turn them into something you just have to add to your cart.

The Cutest from Kate Quinn:

Vintage Balerine Bubble Dress

cute organic baby clothes

This unique design is a new take on the baby dress. The bubble design combined with a tu-tu like style is finished with amazing trim. It’s made from the softest organic cotton, with snap close bottom for easy change and movement.

Motorcycle Jacket and Lounge Dress

organic cotton baby jacket
kate quinn organic long sleeve lounge dress
Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothes

5. Penguin Organics

Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothes

The majority of organic baby clothes brands are going to be fair trade. What does this mean? Fairtrade means that the people that are creating the product are given fair wages, benefits, and treatment. Practicing fair trade is a way to protect communities and cultures, while simultaneously supporting local economies. Penguin Organics has always does an exemplary job of creating organic fair trade baby clothes. And we gotta say, the results are pretty great, too.

Our Top Picks From Penguin Organics:

Penguin Organics Butterfly Kimono Romper

penguin organic fair trade baby clothes
lucy and leo organic baby clothes

6. Lucy & Leo

Organic Baby Clothes Made in USA

Lucy & Leo was founded on the basis of making Organic a way of life. Founder, Rachel Mednick, saw an opportunity in the clothing industry to help parents make healthy decisions for their kids in every aspect of their life- not just in what they eat and drink. The first pieces of this baby clothing line were created from scraps of material that were destined for life in a landfill. The very core of this company aligns with our sustainability values here at EcoKarma! Looking for organic baby clothes made in the USA? Look no further.

The Best from Lucy & Leo Organic Baby Clothes:

Astoria Overall


Just when you thought baby clothes couldn’t be any cuter! Perfect for a boy or girl, these adorable cozy overalls are equipped with easy-to-use snap enclosures. The fabric is warm but light enough for all seasons. It’s 55% hemp and 45% cotton.

Pike Street Pant and Organic Perry Street Dress

Organic Baby Clothes Made in USA
lucy & leo organic cotton dress
Trendy Organic Baby Clothes

7. Cat & Dogma

Trendy Organic Baby Clothes

If you’re looking for trendy organic baby clothes, with unique prints and colors- look no further! Adorable characters, bright colors, and unique pattern mixing makes great pieces to add to your baby’s wardrobe. I’m obsessed with the knee patches that adorn the rompers, and bright yellow bees that make me feel like summer year-round. And about the name- we definitely dig the branding.

The Best from Cat & Dogma:

Bee Print Baby Pants

bee organic baby pants

These adorable baby pants are basically un-bee-lievably cute. Cat & Dogma’s clothes are made without harsh dyes and chemicals, to protect even the most sensitive of baby skin. The size of them makes them cloth diaper friendly. This particular style is available in over 10 different colors and patterns on Amazon.

8. Babysoy

Modern Organic Baby Clothes

If you’re looking for some modern organic baby clothes, Babysoy is taking modernity to the next level. Along with simple cuts, colors, and gender-neutral designs- their material is stepping it up, too. Babysoy clothes are made from eco-friendly so from azlon fabric. If you’re looking for an organic alternative to cotton this is the way to go. The Babysoy modern collection has plenty of options for babies at all stages of growing up!

The Most Modern from Babysoy:

Babysoy Baby Reversible Hoodie

organic reversible hoodie babysoy
Best Organic Baby Girl Clothes

9. Pink Elephant Organics

Best Organic Baby Girl Clothes

Pink Elephant Organics is an adorable online boutique, with the best organic baby girl clothes. Adorably and elegant patterns accompany creative styles and cuts. There are amazing options to choose from for all occasions. We love the fancier dresses for photoshoots and family gatherings!

The Sweetest from Pink Elephant:

Tiered Knit Dress with Long Sleeves

own nit organic baby girl dress

This perfect tiered knit dress with long sleeves is going to be perfect for the little girls arriving around winter time! It will make the perfect holiday dress for Christmas, Valentine’s, or Easter. It comes in three different prints- our favorites being this owl print. It’s super soft, extra smooth, and stretchy for comfort.

oliver and rain

10. Olive & Rain

Best Organic Baby Boy Clothes

If you’re looking for the best organic baby boy clothes, Oliver & Rain is the company you should check out! They use subtle prints with basic colors so you can easily mix and match between brands. We also love that many of the cute onesie prints are available as blankets and drool bibs as well. Oliver & Rain makes girls and neutral clothing, too.

Best Picks from Oliver & Rain:

Navy Llama and Cactus Tee

cactus shirt

If you haven’t heard, cacti and succulents are in. Just throw a llama in there and cuteness is at its max. Comfy, cozy, with an expandable neck- washing is easy for parents since the clothes are machine washable imported organic cotton.

burts bees baby

11. Burt’s Bees Baby

Best Organic Newborn Baby Clothes

Burt’s Bees Baby clothes are some of the best options for organic newborn baby clothes. One of the things that we love is that the brand is available at Target, which shows how some of the major retailers are catching on to the organic focus. You can pair the clothes with organic soaps, washcloths, blankets, and more!

The Best for Newborns from Burt’s Bees Baby:

Holiday Gown and Cap Set

Burt's Bees Baby Baby Girls' Organic Holiday Gown and Cap Set

If you’re due around the holidays, this adorable cap and gown set is the perfect early gift for baby. It’s 100% organic cotton, machine washable, and comes with the gown and cap for a full look. The elastic bottom is the perfect go-to for when you want to dress baby up without the extra effort of buttons and leg holes.

Unisex 2-Pack Organic Romper and One Piece Coverall

Best Organic Newborn Baby Clothes
burts bees one piece romper for newborn

Top Organic Baby Clothing Brands

Here is a list of some of the top organic baby clothing brands on the market. Most of these you’ll see featured in our reviews of the best organic baby clothes. Some of them have a variety of materials available, others specialize in all organic cotton baby clothes or bamboo. It’s easier for these specialized brands to be successful if they focus on fewer kinds of organic materials because they can fit into a niche among their competitors. It also helps them be able to stay 100% organic in all the products that they sell, not just a portion of them.

There are a lot of other amazing brands out there that only create 100% organic products for your baby (and for mom!). If you have a favorite you’d like us to share on our list, write to us via our contact form and let us know!

Is Organic Baby Clothing Necessary?

best organic baby clothes

You worry about what your kids eat or what kinds of medicines they take. You use cloth diapers or only organic disposable diapers that won’t give them rashes. So does it really matter what they wear?

We say yes, and think you ultimately will too.

Let’s start with the benefits of organic cotton baby clothes.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Clothing manufacturing starts with how cotton is grown and processed. From the time it’s planted, cotton plants are traditionally exposed to harmful chemicals to ward off pests- chemicals you wouldn’t want anywhere near your skin. These pesticides are leaching into soils, leaving behind heavy metals that cause soil degradation and can harm wildlife (Tariq et al. 2016 1.1).

Researchers have completed studies showing how known cotton pesticides have negatively impacted soil and marine wildlife. Water contamination is such a big problem due to corporate agriculture practices, and buying organic cotton baby clothes is a great way to avoid contributing to the problem (Thurman 1998 et al. 1.2).

organic cotton baby clothes

That’s all just the start of the process. When cotton gets processed for commercial use in baby clothing, it’s exposed to a myriad of harmful chemicals. Ever considered what sort of health issues you might be exposing your baby to when you put them in clothes covered in flame retardant chemicals?

They are at a greater risk of contracting health problems, skin issues, and allergies than they are of catching on fire. Not to mention flame retardants also have a negative impact on the environment (Yasin et 2016 al 2.1).

The Problem With Synthetics

And all that is just cotton clothing! Consumers should consider now what goes into the synthetic materials that are made. ‘Did you know that many popular synthetic materials are made from plastics? Plastics cause an incredible amount of waste- a problem that we’ve created (Gourmelon 2015 3.1).

Do you really want the clothes you put your newborn in to be comprised of this? Remember- this isn’t about us making you feel guilt, it’s about helping customers to be informed! And most of us probably never considered these factors.

Instead, the word organic has been watered down, considered to be a fad or something less meaningful. But there’s so many great reasons why you should be asking “Is organic baby clothing necessary?” and plenty of more reasons why you should be looking around for the best organic baby clothes and brands. If you eat organic, why not wear organic?

organic baby clothes

Finding Natural Organic Baby Clothes

Looking for natural organic baby clothes can be a problem- especially if you don’t live in a metro area. Being in the Pacific Northwest, organic fair trade baby clothes isn’t a difficult thing for me to personally track down. However, there are plenty of places where the only option for “buying local” seems like typical department stores.

Thankfully there are a lot of options online. If you want to truly support the change to cleaner clothing for your baby, it’s most noteworthy to buy from brands that exclusively make organic baby clothes. Though they might come with a higher price tag, supporting these brands is a great way to show larger companies what’s important to you when it comes to finding the products for your little one.

Number 1 is always your baby’s safety and health, and if you’re like us, environmental impact isn’t too far down the list.

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