Hello from Ray, your friendly neighborhood site manager that has been missing ’round these parts for a couple of years now! Well, the truth is, I’ve been here, but only behind the scenes. Updating old posts, finding some new writers here and there – but, nonetheless, I have returned to update you about life and the journey that is learning how to live a sustainable life.

Now with 100% more toddler.

Image By: Ray B. Taken at Heceta Head Beach, Florence, OR Fall of 2020.

A now 2-year-old (a once teeny tiny baby) has changed the way I live my life – completely! My husband and I are both better people for it! But more on that later…

New On EcoKarma

Here’s a few quick updates on our site…

Out With the Old

There are some articles on EcoKarma that were written, well, a while ago, and just don’t seem to fit the site direction anymore. So we will be weeding through old content and kicking it to the curb.

With that will come some reorganization of categories and blogs!

Revamping Outdated Reviews

You might also see some new looks on older articles – particularly our product roundups. We are starting to look at our articles that are a little dated and see what we can do to bring them up to standard. This includes unearthing newer options, scrutinizing brands, and limiting our lists to only the “Best of the Best.”

In With the New

Enough of the old articles – what’s newest around here is our amazing new author and contributor Amy W. She also hails from Oregon. She is using her recently unearthed passion for environmental sciences to acquire her degree in sustainability. She’s also been interning with some rather badass nonprofits and giving us some of her time by researching and writing on a plethora of topics.

Find her latest work here:

global choices environmental sustainability

Inspiring Choices and Amplifying Voices

Amy is passionate about educating people into taking action. Read about some of her favorite organizations that are making a big difference for smaller communities, and learn what you can do to help.

Learn about Labels

Natural vs. Organic labelling can mean everything and nothing. Learn how to scrutinize products and labels in a way that changes your buying habits.

What else is new with EcoKarma?

Site Re-design

A site re-design is in the works. We don’t have too much to say on this, other than that we expect it to improve user experience!

A Blog Writer’s Newest Journey

Our champion writer/blog poster Kaileigh has also been busy with her growing family, growing career, and growing non-profit! I am excited to announce my personal involvement in Salem Cloth Project – a 501(3)c non-profit organization based in Salem, Oregon with the mission to provide FREE cloth diapers to families in need within Marion County. Though I don’t reside in Marion County anymore, Salem will always hold a special place in my heart – especially for the people there.

Kaileigh spurned my own education and passion for cloth diapering as a cheaper and more sustainable method for our baby. My approach to cloth diapering has changed so much from week one to now. Nevertheless, I still swear by it and believe it is a method that anyone can integrate with the proper tools. So I am completely stoked to be working with Salem Cloth Project to help get diapers to families, as well as education and support.

cloth diapering
Image By: Ray B. – our daughter in one of my favorite cloth diapers. Taken in Portland, February 2019.

Aside from the diaper program, Salem Cloth Project also makes and sells reusable home goods and accessories! The profits help to fund the diaper program – so if you’re wanting to try reusable sandwich bags, or maybe thinking of ditching paper towels for cloth alternatives – look no further! Salem Cloth Project has your back (and also the back of the families in the community!).

Exciting New Products + Sustainability + Supporting a Great Cause, all at the same time.

We are hoping to get Kaileigh back for some guest writing from time-to-time, but for now please follow her pages on Facebook and Insta, and subscribe to her own newsletter!

Ray’s Footprint(s)

Now being responsible for another human’s tiny footprints has made me an absurd amount more aware of my waste and purchase decisions. My obsession with checking ingredients and buying everything organic when my daughter was born inevitably brushed into the rest of my life.

Why did I care so much that her mattress/sheets/shampoo/lotions all be organic and full of ingredients that I could identify, if I didn’t care what was going into/onto me? Being pregnant changed what I was consuming in all forms, and I’m thankful to say that has continued. It’s all a learning journey! And I am excited to be able to provide more hands-on recommendations to you, since I’m sort of becoming knowledgeable on this stuff. Here’s Ray’s Footprint for a blog post about our first vegetable garden, and more.

For now, I thank you for sticking around and seeing what’s new and what’s to come. If you have any topic suggestions, product recommendations for reviewing, or anything else please feel free to contact us!