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What’s New at EcoKarma?

[column type=”1/2″] Kaileigh is back at it with a great article about how to plan a zero waste wedding! With her recent experience of planning a wedding last summer, she was able to compile a list of tips and solutions to lower waste and cost of weddings (or any other party you might be hosting!)[/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”] Eco Friendly Wedding[/column]

[column type=”1/2″] The promised blog has finally begun! As an introduction, Ray takes you through her latest hiking and exploring adventures from Hawaii to Oregon! Then she gives you a glimpse into her garden: AKA her pride and joy. Read through to see how to be featured in our next newsletter![/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”]Golden and Silver Falls State Park [/column]


The Buzz at Eco Karma

Here are some of our latest articles that have been published or updated recently. 

the buzz

Bringing Life Inside: The Benefit of Indoor Plants

[column type=”1/2″] Revitalize your workplace, and help stimulate your mind by bringing a piece of nature inside. Indoor plants are so much more than decorations. In this article we go over the seemingly endless list of benefits and give you practical tips on how to integrate nature into your home or work space. Learn more about indoor plants and the best planters for them… [/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”]best office plants [/column]

Reduce Waste and Enjoy Your Java

[column type=”1/2″]best reusable k cup[/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”]Single cup home coffee brew systems have taken the modern kitchen by storm. Popular models, like the Keurig, have revolutionized the morning cup of joe with single use coffee pods known as K-Cups. However, with this creation has come a massive amount of plastic waste, and ultimately more harm than good.[/column][gap size=”200px”]

When it comes to convenience, too many are quick to ignore the consequence of the luxury. Thankfully, there are reusable K-Cups out there that can cut your waste immensely, and your annual coffee cost by more than 80%. Read more about these options…

Natural and Long Lasting: The Best Wooden Toys for All Ages

[column type=”1/2″]As we look for creative ways to expand the Family category of our website, we are finding inspiration in the little things- specifically children! Buying things for our kids can be so fun, and so wasteful if we’re not careful. Modern toys have a tendency to cost more and don’t last long enough to fit the price tag. One solution to this problem: Wooden Toys. [/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”]PlanToys Preschool Bee Hive Set[/column]
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Wooden toys are easy to clean and pass along to others. We’ve put together a shopping guide on some of the best brands that are using this natural resource to make high quality, safe, non-toxic toys for kids. Check out our suggestions…
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Guest Post of the Month

Planting a Spring Flower Garden

spring flower garden

Gus Stewart, of has written a great educational piece on how to plant a spring flower garden. It’s the perfect time of year, and Gus has stuck to the basics for anyone that is new to the gardening game, or wants to be able to teach someone else!

As a fellow green enthusiast, he goes over tips on how to make your garden eco-friendly and more sustainable. If you love his content and want more, keep your eyes peeled for his next guest post! Or visit him at his own site, where he shares how to’s on gardening with a disability.



Here are some of our favorite articles from around the web.

Alaska is Leading Conservative States in the Fight Against Climate Change

[column type=”1/2″]While liberal states have been leading the fight against climate change in the US, Alaska is making sure it’s voice is heard by creating a climate change comittee and recognizing that they can no longer stay silent about an issue that is “real and widespread” outside of their front doors.

Read more about the coverage on the state’s government shifting approach towards oil and making environmental changes…[/column][column type=”1/2″ last=”true”] alaska[/column].

Follow the Wings of a Swallow

[column type=”1/2″] tree swallow [/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”] As our technology continues to evolve, so does our knowledge about even the tiniest of creatures. Follow these “backpack” wearing tree swallows on an a migratory adventure that leads to conservation.

Original Article Here

(found via[/column]
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[column type=”4/5″]

Save the Bee in Your Backyard

[/column][column type=”1/5″][/column]
[column type=”1/2″] Save the Bee has been an international movement that continues to grow rapidly each year. The fight to save these important creatures is up to us.

Learn more at Mother Earth News how you can make your garden more bee-friendly and contribute to the cause![/column] [column type=”1/2″ last=”true”] save the bee [/column][gap size=”500px”]

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